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Four years after the launch of Factory45, an app that helps business owners build sustainable and ethical clothing companies, Shannon Lohr will launch the Internet Market45 platform to help market their designs. . So far, about 200 companies have migrated through Factory45, which operates from Somerville, in bulk. The best identified brands is Vetta, a product launched in 2016 that offers a series of capsules comprising five items and constituting 30 different clothes. Lohr said she met close friends, colleagues, and online subscribers that they wanted to shop for Factory45 manufacturers and were looking for a complete site for sustainable and ethical labeling. By November 1, about 20 manufacturers of men's, men's and children's clothing and add-ons will likely be provided on the Market45 site, if they are still alive. The mobile platform will allow users to access the websites of each brand, with Lohr generating 5% of its revenue. Sotela, Houston Daws, Vesta and Thom Kelly are one of the apparel manufacturers that may be on the site if this product is deployed. Factory45 first acquired 10 companies that each paid $ 500 for a few months of assistance. Lohr said he was immediately reinvested in the program. She acquired her expertise from the start. Wanting to experience entrepreneurship, she and a companion company launched Revolution Clothes in 2011. The happy couple completed what was then the largest style company funded by Kickstarter, because clothing that could be worn in 30 different ways, she said. This effort provided a crash training course on developing logistics, e-commerce, immediate revenue for the customer, supporting production, creating the Motor Works Bavarian logo, and developing future skills. of the company.

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